Moving Art and Antiques

Moving Art and Antiques: A Comprehensive Guide

Moving art and antiques requires special attention due to their fragility and value. The following guide provides tips and considerations for safely transporting these precious items.

Understanding the Nature of Art and Antiques

Different types of art and antiques demand specific care. For example, the material of a sculpture, the age of antique furniture, and the delicacy of ceramics each influence the appropriate packing materials and techniques required. It’s essential to consider factors like the type of wood in antique furniture or the fragility of a ceramic piece to ensure safe transport.

Packing Artwork and Antiques

  • Artwork Packing: Use large, heavy-duty picture or telescope boxes for framed and unframed flat artwork. If the art includes glass, use masking tape in an X shape across the glass for protection, then lay it on glassine paper for additional safety. Bubble wrap should be used generously to cushion the artwork.
  • Corner Protection: Apply corner protectors around the frame to prevent damage during transit.
  • Sculptures: Wrap sculptures completely in Bubble Wrap, ensuring every part is covered. For large sculptures, consider disassembling them and wrapping each part separately.

Handling and Transporting

  • Secure and Stable Vehicle: Ensure the vehicle used for transportation is stable and secure. For valuable items, consider hiring a specialized art moving company experienced in handling delicate pieces.
  • Furniture: Detach removable parts of antique furniture and wrap them separately, using moving blankets or furniture pads for additional protection.
  • Gloves for Handling: Wear gloves when handling valuables to prevent damage from oils or dirt on your hands.

Choosing the Right Moving Company

  • Licensed and Insured: Opt for a moving company that is licensed and insured, ensuring that your items are protected in case of damage or loss during transport.
  • Specialty Movers: Consider hiring specialty movers with expertise in moving art and antiques. These companies offer equipment and knowledge for properly packing, loading, and transporting valuable items.

Insurance Coverage

It’s crucial to have appropriate insurance coverage for your art and antiques. While homeowners insurance policies typically cover personal property, including art and antiques, they often have limits on coverage amounts. Additional coverage for valuable items, especially if they are high-quality or rare, is advisable. Specialized art insurance is also an option, considering factors like provenance and restoration expenses.

Unpacking and Setting Up

Once at your new home, unpack and handle your artwork and antiques with care. Use gloves to handle delicate items like oil paintings and ensure proper hardware for hanging and displaying. Planning where each piece will go in advance can help in setting up your collection in the new space efficiently and safely.

The key to successfully moving art and antiques lies in careful planning, using the right materials and techniques for packing, and choosing experienced professionals for transportation. With the right approach, you can ensure that your valuable items are moved safely and arrive at their new home in perfect condition.


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